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Work-From-Home Weekly Wardrobe Prep

Every Sunday, as part of my weekly prep, I take a few minutes to plan my outfits for the week ahead. It might not seem that important, especially since Covid-19 hit and I’m no longer going into an office and working fully remote Monday thru Friday at home, I still find myself doing this simple task because it saves me TONs of time in the mornings when getting ready, even though I’m not going anywhere.  

Having gone to a private Catholic school from pre-K thru 12th grade where I had to wear a uniform every day, I struggled when deciding what to wear after I graduated.  But with this time-saving tip, I don’t even have to think about it.  To help me decide, I check the forecast to anticipate what the weather will be, then consider if I have any appointments to run during the day, post-work events, or activities to end.  

All of this helps me pick out five outfits (accessories too!) so that clothing is one less thing I need to stress about when getting ready in the mornings. 

>> Side note: since WFH I’ve totally embraced the statement earring since that’s the best accessory I can wear these days on my video calls.  The point is, have fun with whatever situation your workday looks like!

It’s SO EASY to think, well, I work from home now, why even bother getting all put together every day?

Well, I’ve definitely have those thoughts and the truth is, I’m much more productive when I’m a little more put together.  I’m not saying I wear a dress or even jeans every day because I definitely don’t.  Even if I’m just planning on leggings or shorts, I try to balance that out with a nice top or sweater so it’s a bit more elevated than frumpy.  I truly think that if we look good we feel good and that translates to more confidence and more productivity, and honestly, it’s very easy to get distracted so I’ll do whatever it takes to better my mood and mindset while working from home these days.  

This week in Florida called for cooler temps and I. AM. ALL. FOR. IT!  We’ve been waiting for this break from the humidity and heat, no matter how short-lived it may end up being.  We could be back to shorts and tank tops next week but for these next few days I am going to soak up as much time as I can in my cozy sweaters and comfy leggings and scarves and denim jackets.

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