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Target Workout Essentials for an At Home Workout

When we moved into our new home we had an extra room that we didn’t really have a need for. After thinking about it for a couple days, we determined that the best use of the space would be a workout room. It’s not very large at all; it’s actually the smallest bedroom of our house so it really wouldn’t have been comfortable for a guest room, and my husband still goes to an actual gym location to workout, but the space was perfect for my needs.

I already had all of the equipment I mention below in the garage (the trampoline was a newer purchase and it’s one of my new FAVORITE ways to workout now (read the benefits of rebounding workouts) that I typically use it for 15 to 20 minutes every day, usually as a warm-up or at the end of my workout.

All of the items listed below are from Target (who doesn’t love Target, right?!) I do have a couple additional items in my home gym that are not included on the list below, like my spin bike (I have this one) that I use for online RPM classes (think Peleton but you use your phone to watch the classes – or YouTube – and it’s much more affordable), a wall mirror to check my form, extra towels, and a rack for my dumbbells.

It’s a simple room with not a lot of fuss. It serves its purpose and I absolutely LOVE it! It’s just what I need with all the essentials so I can go in first thing every morning and knock out my workout.

Target Workout Essentials for an at Home Workout

Here’s a list of my favorite workout essentials for an at home workout. You can find some of these similar items on Amazon too but below are the ones that I personally own, and I think these are great essentials at an affordable price. I think they should also cover all of your workout needs too.

Even if you don’t have a designated room, these items can be easily stored under a bed or closet or in the garage so quick access. I’ve also saved some money by investing in the essential workout must-haves and not paying high gym fees, so it’s a win win!

Check them out below:

I’m always interested in new ways to exercise. What are your favorite ways to workout at home? Tell me in the comments!

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