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How to Mix & Match Outdoor Furniture

If you’re looking to revamp your outdoor space, start by mixing and matching outdoor furniture.  You can mix and match outdoor furniture pieces on a porch or patio to create the same layered look of an indoor space.  

How to Mix & Match Outdoor Furniture

Today, I’m showing how you can use this strategy to blend elements from different outdoor collections in the same open-air space.

Pick up to 3 Finishes

When picking pieces for your outdoor living area, start by choosing two to three different finishes.  This will help keep the space from being too matchy-matchy while still being cohesive.  

Mix in Accessories

Since many outdoor furniture pieces tend to be woven, metal, or wood, mixing in an unexpected element is a great way to break up a stagnant outdoor space.  Additional accessories that will help you layer in textures include outdoor throw pillows (cozy textures), lanterns (metal and glass), and planters (concrete or ceramic). 

Seating Switch

The same way you might mix up seating in your indoor dining room, choose a mix of chairs in similar styles and/or color scheme. 

Play with Shapes

In addition to the variety of interesting finishes and extra warmth, one of my favorite reasons to mix and match outdoor furniture is the playfulness of shapes. A scalloped edge and contrasting trim of an umbrella can add a touch of fun to your space.

Finishing Touches

These final details are just as important outside as they are inside your home.  An arrangement of palm leaves in a pretty planter will add a fresh and natural element to any outdoor area.  


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