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Designing the Perfect Wedding Album with Artifact Uprising

We had been married for two months and just received the wedding photos from our wonderful photographer, Tiffany McClure.  I had been eagerly awaiting them ever since she shared the first sneak peeks while we were at Disney World on our honeymoon a few days after we got married.  

There were literally THOUSANDS of photos in our gallery.  As I scrolled and scrolled, falling more and more in love with each passing photo, I thought to myself, how am I ever going to pick my favorites?   

We didn’t have a videographer film our wedding but investing in a good, high-quality photographer was a MUST for us.  We’d have these photos for ever, and I always knew that I wanted the perfect wedding album.

After researching a few online companies, I found Artifact Uprising to be the best option for us.  While on the pricier side, I was willing to pay a little more for a high-quality product.  If you’ve never bought from them before, I highly recommend it.  I can’t speak to their other products but their hard-bound albums are the absolute best keepsake you will invest in.  Period.

Being a former avid scrapbooker, and with a background in marketing design, I know a thing or two about layouts, colors, alignments, symmetry, composition, etc. and Artifact Uprising made the process so easy.  Honestly, the most difficult part was choosing which photos to put in the album.  

The Process | Here’s How I Did it

Gather Your Photos:

I downloaded all of our wedding photos onto my computer, and then uploaded that entire album into one image gallery in Artifact Uprising.  Yes, I didn’t need ALL the photos but this way I was able to easily switch out photos to find the best ones without having to reupload different ones.  It was nice to have all the photos in one giant gallery at my fingertips.  

Select Your Album Details:

Once you have your imager gallery in Artifact Uprising, now the fun starts! 

I opted for the 12×12 wedding layflat photo album, and it’s honestly PERFECT!  It’s an heirloom-quality fabric covered album with custom foil stamping.  With over 200 5-star reviews you really can’t go wrong with this option.  I chose a seamist color and silver foil for the fabric cover. 

The base price includes 10 spreads (or 20 individual pages), but I had so many favorite photos that I added more.  I added the maximum amount of spreads (35) which gave me 70 pages total (this is where the price can add up quick).  It might sound like a lot, and it is, but again, a lasting wedding album was an investment to me.

Design the Album Layout:

Next is the fun part – designing the album!  This is where you play around with layouts and photos and arrangements! 

There are so many layouts to choose from but Artifact Uprising has TONS of options when it comes to layouts.  I personally like having a larger focal point image on one side and then having a few smaller photos on the other.  I think this creates a nice balance and your eyes aren’t too overwhelmed with where to look.  They also offer layouts with text but for our wedding album I opted to just go with photo layouts.  You can also preview the album throughout the entire process and see how each individual page will look. 

Photo organization can get overwhelming, trust me, I’ve been there!  But, here’s how I started.  I basically created our album with the same timeline as our wedding, which made it SUPER helpful because that’s how our photographer organized our photos in our gallery. 

The album progresses to photos of the chapel, getting ready, bridal party, the ceremony highlights, bride and groom portraits, family portraits, cocktail hour, first dance, toasts, cake cutting, dance floor, and candid shots.  The way the photos progress makes the album feel cohesive and it’s a perfect look back on the special day.

I can’t say enough about how great our wedding album turned out.  I have our album proudly displayed on a bookshelf and I still flip through it from time to time.  

Wedding Album

This post was not sponsored by Artifact Uprising. I just really love their albums!

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