5 Women-Owned Small Businesses to Support


I think we can all agree that we love showing support for small businesses, and even more so for women-owned small businesses. I’ve rounded up a list of women-owned small businesses that I’ve personally shopped from and supported over the years (I plan on expanding this post as I learn of others!).

Let’s show these women-owned small businesses some extra love this season. With unique products and offerings, I’m sure there’s something for everyone on your shopping list.

Check them out below, and let me know who some of your favorite women-owned small businesses are in the comments!

Carolina Dandy

Think southern charm at it’s finest.  I’ve ordered a couple things from her shop (I couldn’t order these salt and pepper shakers fast enough!).

With a heart for gracious living and Southern hospitality, Addison, owner of Carolina Dandy, is a wonderful small business if you’re looking for a unique housewarming gift or need to gift your group of girlfriends with something special.  She offers custom personalization too for that extra special touch!

The Tiny Tassel

For those of us who love a good statement earring, you must follow and shop The Tiny Tassel.  She has something for EVERYONE in a vast array of colors and styles and has the perfect pieces for every season.

The Tiny Tassel is a jewelry and accessories brand inspired by the vibrant colors of Charleston, SC. Founded in 2015 with the Signature Tassel Earring, they’ve expanded to include earrings, bracelets, necklaces, hand-made garments, and a curated collection of jewelry, accessories, and party goods. With happiness at the heart of their business, each collection includes hand-made and curated pieces in bright colors and classic prints.

The Shop Forward

Cute clothing that helps a cause?  Yes please!  I first discovered The Shop Forward from Amy Brown on the Bobby Bones Radio Show. Since launching in November 2014, The Shop Forward has raised over $4,200,000 for various charities by selling items associated with a cause. 

Every product sold on The Shop Forward follows their mission of supporting programs and organizations that are effectively working to help others around the world. They are a social-impact driven business, created to offer consumers the opportunity to make an impact with their purchase. They offer unique and ethically made products including clothing, accessories, jewelry, hats, journals, tote bags, and more.


For all your organization needs, Simplified isn’t just a planner company, they’re helping organize your entire life.  With a powerhouse group of women behind the scenes led by Founder and Creator Emily Ley (another great follow!), this company started as a simple vision of getting organized and has since become a mantra for how we should live in all aspects of our lives.

*Bonus: follow the ladies behind Simplified too!  They each have their own skills and share aspects and tips from their own lives.

Lindsay Letters

Beautiful art to fill your walls and decorate your home, enough said!  I’ve purchased a few pieces from Lindsay Letters over the years (this is one of my favs!) and they are every bit as beautiful as they look on their website. 

I’ve never really considered myself an “artsy” person.  I know what I like and don’t like and there is nothing but LOVE for Lindsay Letters. The colors, the designs, and the thoughtfulness that this company exudes are all handmade works of art, carefully and meticulously designed for the home. In addition to artwork, they also have clothing, calendars, printables, and more!

Who are some of your favorite women-owned small businesses? I’d love to know more!

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